5 Party Food Ideas for Your Next Gathering!

A table full of party food

Alas! We finally say goodbye to safe distancing measures, SafeEntry check-ins (mostly) and the 2/5/8/10 pax limit for social gatherings! 

You might already have thoughts on planning for your next big gathering or party as the COVID-19 restrictions are eased. Here are five food suggestions that will steal the show at your next gathering!


1. Salads 

Start a night of feasting and celebration with some fresh leafy salads! Even if those greens aren’t your favourite food at any party, having some of them will make you feel less guilty while you indulge in the crispy fried chicken wings and finger food, right? So whether it’s your traditional greek or caesar salads, potato, pasta or even fruit salads, they are sure to whet your appetite in the healthiest way possible, for a whole plethora of food that awaits you.

Salad Bowls and Sandwiches

Image Credits: Mixed Greens, The Salad Shop

Grab your salad from Just Dabao here


2. Pasta

What could ever go wrong with this classic Italian dish? It is one of the best carbs to indulge in together with other party food items, and it is sure to be a hot favourite at any gathering. With so many different varieties of pasta, sauce bases and cooking styles, it is also one of the easiest foods to whip up in a jiffy.

A plate of Beef Bolognese Penne Pasta

Image Credits: Comme Me Das

Feast on scrumptious pasta from Just Dabao by clicking this link!


3. Dim Sum 

This might be an unpopular opinion, but have you ever thought about bringing Dim Sum to a party? Indeed, you might not get the same experience of having your favourite Xiao Long Baos or Siew Mais being served to you at a fancy restaurant. Still, it will nonetheless be a great idea to grab these off our platform to treat your friends and loved ones to some delicious Hong Kong delicacies at your party! 

Trays of Hong Kong Dim Sum such as Xiao Long Bao, Dumplings and Custard Buns

Image Credits: Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum


4. Cakes & Bakes

A slice of pistachio cake and a whole cake of assorted flavours.

Image Credits: Baker's Brew

If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely be able to find a reason to celebrate with a cake at any party. Whether it’s taking the chance to celebrate someone’s birthday just around the corner or simply celebrating the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, you certainly have every reason to bring some cake to a party. Can’t seem to decide on what flavour to get? Then grab your cake from us! Leave it all up to the bakery to decide on what flavour you’re getting while you enjoy huge savings at the same time. It’s a win for all!


5. Craft Beer (Featured Product)

A bottle of Italian Craft Beer with peanuts

Image Credits: BeyondTaste

What’s a party without drinks and alcohol? Unless you intend to drive, some alcohol would probably be great to set you in the party mood that you may have missed in the past two years. So kick back and relax with some imported Italian Craft Beer from Just Dabao! Made using high-quality barley from the small Italian town of Gualdo Tadino and fresh waters that flow naturally from the Apennine Mountains, this beer boasts a slightly fruity and bitter taste, with a thick, creamy and adherent head.


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If you have been a Masterchef in your home kitchen all this while or have just picked up some cooking skills over the past two years, you probably won’t have a problem whipping up any of the food dishes above for your next potluck party. 

However, for those who fear ending up not being able to bring anything to the table, why not get ALL of these food items for your next party from us at Just Dabao? The best thing of all, you’re doing your part in saving the earth while enjoying ridiculously low prices on these foods. Not only will your tummies be full after the party, but your hearts and wallets too!


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