3 Ways You Can Ensure Food Security in Singapore

Three pairs of hands on an abundance of fruits and vegetables

In our previous blog, ‘Understanding Food Security in Singapore’, we gave a broad overview of the current strategies employed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to manage food security. However, it is through the collective effort of both government bodies and individuals, we can achieve optimal food security in Singapore. Here are 3 simple ways you can help!

Purchase local produce

If you frequently shop for groceries, chances are that this bright red sticker has caught your eye. In mid-2020, the SFA rolled out the ‘SG Fresh Produce’ logo on the packaging of local food products to help Singaporeans better identify local produce.

When more Singaporeans opt for local produce, we encourage local farmers to “embrace technology and become more productive” to meet higher demand. This would also allow us to achieve our 30 by 30 goal – to have local produce meet 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs by 2030. In addition to being more nutritious and sustainable, local produce has a significantly lower carbon footprint as they travel shorter distances to reach you, reducing the amount of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Grow your food


Growing your own food can help improve food security by reducing the amount of food we import. Singapore’s hot and humid climate may not be our favourite, but it is perfect for leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Xiao Bai Cai, and Kang Kong. Several initiatives encourage Singaporeans to grow their food, such as the ‘Community in Bloom’ initiative that has led to over 1700 community gardens being created in HDB residential areas. Apart from community gardens, you can also check out the many allotment gardens available in NParks garden and parks! Furthermore, growing your own food opens opportunities to build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals as you nurture your horticulture skills! 

Reduce food wastage

When we waste food, we reduce the amount of food available for consumption, which forces us to out-source more food to meet the growing demand. However, this puts a strain on Singapore’s food security as we import over 90% of our food. Fortunately, we can reduce food wastage by making small changes in our lifestyles. Click here to check out our previous blog on 5 simple ways you can reduce food waste!

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Take yourself on a gastronomic tour as you save perfectly edible food from being discarded. 

Let’s move towards a more food secure Singapore together!

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