3 Ways to be Sustainable When Ordering Food Online

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The pandemic has evoked drastic changes across several industries in Singapore, with the F&B sector taking one of the hardest hits. Exacerbated by the no dining-out rule, many F&B businesses were left in their darkest hours. However, this was when food delivery platforms got the spotlight. Did you know that food delivery users have increased by 66% from 2019 to 2021?

Unfortunately, despite the convenience and variety brought by ordering food online, they impinge on the environment through excessive usage of single-use packaging and the production of greenhouse gases. However, as we become increasingly conscious of sustainability, how can we still enjoy the numerous benefits of ordering food online while minimising our carbon footprint?

Here are 3 tips to help you make sustainable choices the next time you order food.

Choose Pick-Up over Delivery

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Opting for pick-up over food delivery can reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing fuel emissions.This can be done by engaging in simple acts like walking or taking public transport and even bringing your containers. Furthermore, you can also save some money with the attractive discounts provided for pickup orders.

Order With Your Stomach, Not Wallet

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Many of us have trouble resisting the temptation of delivery-exclusive bundles. However, while they may help you get more bang for your buck, they threaten food sustainability. More often than not, we end up with leftovers as the portion sizes of these bundles are generally large and unpredictable. While some can be kept for consumption the following day, others will inevitably be thrown away.

By ordering according to our appetite, we can move towards more mindful online ordering practises, and reduce chances for food wastage. After all, what is wallet-friendly now may not be environmentally friendly later.

Order From Smaller Eateries/Hawkers

Hawker stall

Unlike large, well-known eateries that generally have a cult following to help with inventory, small eateries and hawkers often struggle with clearing ingredients, especially if they were ordered in bulk. Moreover, ordering food from smaller eateries helps to #SupportLocal as our fellow Singaporeans often helm them. So, the next time you order food online, challenge yourself to order from a lesser-known eatery! Who knows? You may have stumbled upon a gem.

Choosing to live sustainably does not always translate into drastic changes to your current lifestyle. Instead, it is about consciously making small sustainable choices in your daily life.

In the meantime, put to practice some of the suggestions in this blog, and do your part to save the environment!

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