3 Benefits of Choosing Self-Pickup When Ordering Food Online

Collecting a food takeout box from a store employee

Online food delivery platforms have undeniably broadened our gastronomical horizon and made our lives significantly more bearable during the period of ever-changing tightened measures. But as dining rules stabilise and we inch closer to the new normal, it begs the question – are food delivery services still an integral part of our lives? According to a survey done last year, the preference for takeaway orders has grown significantly and was even predicted to remain a popular option for customers as pick up orders are markedly more cost-saving. More importantly, self-pickup is increasingly relevant and convenient as Singaporeans gradually transition back to work at their respective workplaces.

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for pick up the next time you order food online.

Avoid Delivery Mishaps

Placing a cardboard box of food in a paper bag
Have you ever received an order that had missing food items or had somehow spilt everywhere in the bag? Or worse – have you ever not received your food because it was delivered to the wrong address? Fortunately, you can resolve these issues by opting for a self-pickup! Not only do you have complete control over the handling of your food, but you can also verify your order and request any modifications as needed.


Placing a $1 Singaporean coin in a piggy bank
Let’s be real. Food delivery burns a hole in your wallet. However, choosing to pick up your food does not. Self-pickup helps you save money by cutting out the sky-high delivery fees, excessive price markups, and pesky minimum order values. Additionally, with multiple eateries and food delivery platforms offering exclusive pick-up discounts, who can say no to that?

Saves Time

Person checking their watch

There is nothing more dreadful than ordering food on an empty stomach before realising that it will take a minimum of 45 minutes before it reaches you. Fortunately, we can say goodbye to unpredictable delivery timings by opting to pick our food up. Moreover, choosing to pick up your food eliminates time-consuming factors like a shortage of delivery riders, lousy weather, and traffic. But, on the other hand, pick-up orders are swiftly prepared and ready to go in 15 minutes!

In the end, what are Singaporeans, if not foodies? So the next time you order food online, make the simple choice to pick up your order over the delivery and enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

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